Special Symposium
TUA State-of-the-art Lecture TUA State-of-the-Art Lectures
World Urology Forum World Urology Forum
TUA Symposium A Renal cell carcinoma
Lunch Symposium 1 Treatment of prostate cancer
Lunch Symposium 3 Move earlier in prostate cancer treatment
Lunch Symposium 4 Advances and challenges in immunotherapy for urothelial carcinoma
Meet the Experts 2 Innovation and technology of prostate biopsy and focal HIFU for prostate cancer
Meet the Experts 3 Upper tract urothelial carcinoma
Lunch Symposium 6 A big breakthrough of 1L RCC treatment: how IO+TKI combination benefits the patients
TUA Symposium I Prostate cancer
Lunch Symposium 7 Radium-223 in the evolving mCRPC treatment armamentarium: sequencing consideration and real-world use
Lunch Symposium 10 Prostate health index (PHI)
Lunch Symposium 11 Real world experience of immunotherapy in bladder and kidney cancer
Lunch Symposium 12 LUTs and prostate cancer management-korea perspective
Functional Urology
PPCS Symposium PPCS Symposium
TUA Symposium F Functional researches of lower urinary tract
TUA Symposium G Current opinion on IC/BPS
華人論壇 2 Functional Urology
Lunch Symposium 8 2019 Medical therapy for male LUTS and BPH: too soon? too late? or just right
Female Urology Debate 婦女泌尿治療之真理越辯越明
UDS Session 尿動力學 紅白對抗賽 & 大師來解惑
TUA Symposium B Andrology: The interaction of men’s health and CPPS
TUA Symposium H BPH:Updated treatments and individualized management
Lunch Symposium 5 Clinical benefits of holmium laser with MOSESTM technology on renal stone and HoLEP treatment
Lunch Symposium 9 A better understanding of the links between metabolic syndrome, ED, LUTs and BPH
Workshop 5: Treatment of erectile dysfunction beyond PDE5 inhibitors
TUA Symposium E The lymphadenectomy in the upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma: evidence, technique and current role in Taiwan
華人論壇 1 PCNL&RIRS
Workshop 2 Comparison between extraperitoneal, retzius sparing and transperitoneal robot-assisted radical prostatectomy
Meet the Experts 1 Recent Advance in GU-Image
TUA Symposium J PCNL
TUA Symposium K RIRS
Infection and Inflammation
TUA Symposium C Story of infection and urological cancer
TUA Symposium M VUR, What is new?
TUA Symposium D Transplant
Video Session Video Session
Video Award Taiwan urological robotic and laparoscopic surgery video award
Young Urologists Forum 年輕泌尿科醫師講座
Workshop 3 審稿技能大補帖-如何給出精確的審稿評論
Medical Law and Ethics 醫療法規與倫理: 最新醫療法律倫理與管理新知
TUA Symposium L Application of Informatics in Urology
TUA Symposium N Private practice urology
Special Lecture From bench to bedside
Guideline Contest Guideline Contest
華人論壇 3 Transplant & Bladder / Renal surgery / Prostate
TUA NHI Forum 1 創造醫療藍海
TUA NHI Forum 2 建構台灣醫療新世紀
Guideline三重奏 Guideline三重奏
Workshop 4 泌尿研究崛起力
Senior Resident Debate
Senior Resident Debate 1 Senior Resident Debate 1
Senior Resident Debate 2 Senior Resident Debate 2
Nursing Forum
Nursing Forum 1 Nursing Forum 1
Nursing Forum 2 Nursing Forum 2



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