Transactional Committee 
Director of International Relations Committee William J. Huang
Director of Education and Training Committee Chun-Hou Liao
Director of Health Insurance Committee Victor C. Lin
Director of Publication Committee Shei-Dei Yang (Stephen)
Director of Hospital Accreditation Committee Chao-Hsiang Chang
Director of Board Examination Committee Yao-Chi Chuang
Director of Infomatics and Online Education Committee Yi-Chun Chiu
Director of Private Practice Committee Ying-Huei Lee
Academic Committee
Director of Pediatric Urology Committee Ta-Min Wang
Director of Urological Oncology Committee Tai-Lung Cha
Director of Robotic Arms and Endourology Committee Chao-Yuan Huang 
Director of Urodynamics and Female Urology Committee Yung-Shun Juan
Director of Urinary Tract Stones Committee Cheng-Huang Shen
Director of Urinary Tract Infection Committee Yu Chen
Director of Renal Transplantation Committee Yen-Ta Chen
Director of Prostate Disease Committee Shiu-Dong Chung
Director of Interstitial cystitis Committee Ming-Huei Lee
Director of Neurogenic Bladder Committee Sung-Lang Chen