Inherit the Past, Create the Future

40th Anniversary of TUA

Dear TUA members:

TUA’s annual event, 2018 TUA meeting, will take place at Taipei Veterans General Hospital on August 18 and 19. This annual meeting holds special significance as it is the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the association. Forty years ago, our predecessors established the association in Taipei, which has gradually developed and thrived. After forty years, the members will gather again in Taipei to hold the annual academic meeting and celebrate this special commemorative occasion. Therefore, the topic for the annual meeting this year is ‘Inherit the Past, Create the Future’. All members are invited to participate in this event and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the association together.

In the past year, each field of urology has experienced significant new developments. The annual meeting will invite renown experts from Taiwan and abroad to give the keynote speeches on the latest developments and technology in urology. There will also be many symposiums conducted on different fields. Besides extending the popular programs of last year, such as the Urology Battle, Challenging Cases, and the Case Discussion integrating the Guideline into daily clinical application, the annual meeting this year has planned several competitions to increase interest, such as the quick answer contest for resident guidelines, health education short film contest, and endoscopic surgery video contest.

Another featured program is the Health Care Article Writing Workshop planned by the Public Education Commitee. Health education marketing experts will teach how to make professional knowledge on urology easily understood by general public. Please don’t miss the non-professional related programs on urology such as the discussion on medical laws and the future development of artificial intelligence in the field of urology.

The annual meeting of TUA has gradually gone global. Besides continuing to hold the ISTUA conference to exchange experiences with the Japanese academia in urology, we have also invited the Secretary General of SIU, Presidents of Urological Association in Asian region, and renown experts to share their experiences at the World Urology Forum and UAA Forum. Furthermore, scholars from America and Europe will deliver speeches. Members will have the chance to acquire the latest knowledge as well as engage in face-to-face discussions and exchanges with international experts.

The TUA Chinese Urological Experts Summit will take place for the first time this year, with Chineseurological experts from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macaw, Taiwan, America, and Asia gathering together to discuss current important urological issues. The geographic location and international level of Taiwan make it ideal for such an academic event being hosted by TUA. Let’s look forward to it.

The meeting APP, TUA Events, initiated at the annual meeting last year, has been widely praised. Many members have indicated that it is even more convenient than the meeting software of AUA and EAU. This year, our chief information officer, Dr. Chung-You Tsai, will lead the Informatics and Online Education Committee to work harder to make improvements for members to participate in the meeting more conveniently and more efficiently.

There are only three months left for the supervisory board of this term to serve members. The colleagues of the secretariat and the cadre of doctors will cherish this opportunity to run the 2018 annual meeting well. It is hoped that this will be an unforgettable annual event for members in the future.

Finally, I wish every member good health and happiness. Meet you in Taipei in August, 2018.

Dr. Teng-Lung Lin, Department of Urology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

The 20th President of TUA