Dear members of the Taiwan Urology Association,

I would like to express my gratitude to all members for your trust and support. I am honored to be elected as president of the 20th Term of the TUA. For the next two years, I, Teng-Lung, with all directors and supervisors, will invest every effort in promoting TUA events.

Thanks to the effort of every term’s directors and supervisors, the TUA has greatly developed. However, I still think that some areas could do with more improvement as demonstrated in the following points:

  1. Public Education Committee could be established, and websites and social media should be set up, all targeting the public. The Committee will also hold big health education events in the name of the association to provide the public with relevant information on urology. Correct and sufficient information could help reduce any barriers in doctor-patient communication, reinforce doctor-patient relationships, and further decrease medical disputes. The association will also create attractive health education leaflets for its members.
  2. In order to protect members’ rights to National Health Insurance, the association will also establish a detailed inspection standard for urology. By negotiating with the National Health Insurance Administration, this professional inspection shall be conducted by urologists. Experts have collaborated to establish the ICD 10-PCS code in urology, which consists of a reporting system for members. In addition, the association will strive to achieve a reasonable level of pay for people working in urology, a professional area of work. Thus, a common platform for urology to report and review health insurance will be created with the aim of decreasing inappropriate rejections.
  3. The association will continue sponsoring urological residents and young urologists so that they may attend EAU resident training programs, and watch and learn at European prestigious centers. Furthermore, we will arrange for residents to attend AUA resident training programs, so that we can develop excellent future urologists.
  4. The publication of the association, Clinical Urology, was launched four years ago and quite a lot of information needs to be updated. I will finish the revision versions by the end of my term of office, and make it an essential Chinese textbook in the field of urology. Moreover, the therapeutic guidelines developed by TUA, will be continually updated. For the first year, the updated sections will be submitted at the annual meeting and published online, and the written published guide will be revised in the second year.

These works require everyone’s help when it comes to promotion, so I invite Doctor Yi-Hsiu Huang to be the Secretary General, Doctors Yi-Chun Chiu and Shian-Shiang Wang to be the Deputy Secretary-Generals, Doctor Chih-Chieh Lin to be the Chief Financial Officer, and Doctor Chung-You Tsai to be the Chief Information Officer. They are all extraordinary physicians, and along with the help of committee member, director and supervisor, I believe these significant changes and improvements can be achieved.

If you have any suggestions or corrections, please don’t hesitate to come forward. Let’s work together and create a beautiful future for urology in Taiwan. I wish you health and happiness.

Best wishes,

Alex Tong-Long Lin

1st September 2016